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Irwin Corey Audio Excerpts:


The Prof. on Frued
Although the Professor did write a treatus on “Sex: it’s origin and application,” this quote actually explains how it all began.
The Prof. on Geography
The Professor offers a resolution to many of the modern problems emminating from that geographical part of the United States.
The Prof. on The Language Baricade
At last, an explaination for even those for whom communication is not their native language.
The Prof. on Henry Miller
Though regarded as a literary giant, the Professor has found a quote from the author that has not only economic but far-reaching geo-political dimensions.
The Prof. on Life
It’s care, cure and Prevention.
The Prof. on Death
and its religious demensions.
The Prof. on Einstein
Relativly speaking.
The Prof.’s Philosophy
Irwin Corey, Mayor Daily and Al Capone. Actually, I’m not afraid of guns, it’s them bullets that scare the s*©+ out of me.
The Prof. on The Bard
A quote actually written by Sir Francis Bacon, or was it
Christopher Marlowe?
The Prof. For Pynchon
1974 National Book Awards, Fiction Citation for
Gravity’s Rainbow and a Crown of Feathers, Isaac Beshevis Singer and Studs
TurKal. The full speach will be released on the upcoming Village Vanguard CD.
The Prof. on Geography (Again)
Better than a compass, the ultimate advise to travelers, (even those using out-of-date maps!).



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