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Top 10 Best Budget Strobe Lights For Photography 2021 | Perfect Lighting Tool

Choosing the best budget strobe lights for photography can be quite a daunting task. However, with our well thought out review, you will get the exact ideas of all the strobe lights available in the market.

A picture they say ” is worth a thousand words, ” Good lighting is one of the elements that make a good picture. Therefore, getting a good and budget-friendly strobe light is a good investment.

In recommending our best strobe light, we have not only considered the price of the strobe. We have looked out for features such as portability, durability, power source, recycle speed, and flash duration, among other factors.

What is Strobe Light?

A strobe light is a device that fires short flashes like the traditional camera flashlight. Although a strobe light is more intense than the regular camera flashes, it serves the same primary purpose of lighting up the subject and the scene.

LED lights, Xenon flash lamps, and halogen lights are often used as the source for strobe lights. The strobe light has a short flash recovery time and a faster recycle time.

What is the Best Budget Strobe Lights For Photography?

After considering the budget and then the rest of the other vital factors stated above, the Neewer Vision 4 Battery-Powered Outdoor Studio Flash Strobe.

easily comes out top on our list. Neewer Vision 4 is definitely the best when it comes to budget and quality.

Why Neewer Vision 4 is the Best Strobe Light?

The Neewer Vision 4 Battery-Powered Outdoor Studio Flash Strobe

is in a class of its own when it comes to strobe lighting choices. It comes in a portable and durable aluminum casing. It is designed for both studio and location shoots.

With its recycle time at 0.4-2.5sec and flash duration of 1/100 to 1/10000, the Neewer Vision 4 Battery-Powered Outdoor Studio Flash Strobe

is unarguably the best in the market at its price range.

To top it all, the Unit comes with a 6000mAh lithium battery to keep it running for a long time. It also uses the LED modeling lamp for better lighting efficiency and less power consumption.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Budget Strobe Lights

ViewBrandProduct Details
Neewer Vision 4 Battery-Powered
Neewer 600W
Neewer N-300W
Godox Sk400ii 400ws
Neewer 500W
Neewer 900w
Neewer 800
Godox AD 200pro
Godox AD400Pro

Below are our top ten picks for the best budget probe light for photography.

Best Budget Strobe Lights For Photography Reviews

01. Neewer Vision 4 Battery- Best High-Quality Strobe Light


Highlighted Features

  • Durable metal casing
  • Built-in 2.4G receiver
  • Cordless design
  • 6000mAh lithium battery
  • 400W maximum power output

The neewer vision4 easily comes out of our list from our research because of its unique features.

The budget-friendly strobe light comes with a 300w flash power, which favors any lighting environment and conditions.

Its outstanding features are its super short flash duration and high Gn69: speed of 1 per 200 seconds.

A 6000mAh /12v lithium battery fully powers the neewer vision. Its cordless design makes it convenient for location shooting.

It has about 6 F-stop range, a short flash duration, and a recycling time of about 0.4-2.5s.

One of its other outstanding features is its 13W LED, 1370 lumen (energy saving)flash tube, which consumes lesser energy.

The 16 channels unit comes with a color temperature of 5600+/-200k, and it is 4G wireless. Its flash duration is 1/1000-1/10000, and it gives 3,5,7,10,12 and 15 successive flash shots.

Its sleek and portable design makes it easily handheld or mounted on a stand for ease of operation.

Its aluminum alloy body finish makes it durable and also gives it a classy look.


  • Superfast recycle time (0.4-2.5s)
  • The strobe light comes with a giant lithium battery(6000mAh), therefore it is reliable
  • The strobe light is portable and useful for both indoor and outshoots.
  • 8-channels


  • The strobe does not come with a built-in cooling system; therefore, the Unit can overheat.

02. Neewer N-300W Photo Studio Strobe Flash Light Monolight – Best Overall Strobe Light For Photography


Highlighted Features

  • 75W modeling light
  • 3-in-1 cleaning kit
  • The maximum power output of 300ws
  • Design for studio use

The Neewer 300w is designed specifically for studio shoots. It is, however, a perfect budget strobe with regards to its features.

Its aluminum alloy finish gives it an excellent feel. With a 3 power levels adjustable 75w modeling bulb, which can be adjusted in 3 power levels: prop, full, or off.

Its large LCD panel makes operation easy and seamless. With a flash duration of 1/2000s and a recycling time 0.3- 1.8s, the strobe light offers the best for its price.

It has a sync distance of 10m and a color temperature of 5000k +/- 200k

The Unit can be used to create different lighting layouts. It has a high energy of 300w and guide number Gn48.

Therefore, the strobe is portable and can be handheld easily or mounted on a light stand for convenience. The Unit is designed with a hole for mounting the soft umbrella.


  • Super-fast recycle time
  • The strobe has a durable aluminum alloy casing
  • A 3-in-1 cleaning kit is added to the unit.


  • The unit is not battery-powered, therefore it needs an extra battery kit before it can be used for location shoots.

03. Godox Sk400ii 400ws Photo Studio – Best Strobe Flash Monolight


Highlighted Features

  • The large LCD panel
  • Portable and lightweight metal casing
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • 150w modeling light

The Godox Sk400II is a cost-effective strobe light with a lot of benefits. With its 0.1-1.0s fast recycle period, it supports fast pace multiple shots and increases shooting efficiency.

With its large LCD panel, outputs are described precisely on the screen for ease of operation.

It can be used as a highlight, background light, or hair light. It comes with its built-in cooling fan to help eliminate heat within the Unit.

The Godox Sk400II is designed with a 150w adjustable modeling light. With its lightweight metal body, the Unit is sleek and durable.


  • The strobe light is quite affordable
  • It comes with an adjustable modeling light
  • The unit is designed with a built-in cooling fan.


  • The strobe does not come with a rechargeable battery.

04. The GODOX AD200 200Ws 2.4G TTL 1/8000 HSS Cordless Monolight


Highlighted Features

  • 2900mAh lithium battery
  • Bare Bulb reflector
  • 32 channels
  • Fresnel head LED modeling

The Godox AD200 200Ws comes with two distinct heads for different lighting qualities. With its 2900mAh lithium battery, you can get up to 500 full flashes with 0.01 to 2.1 seconds recycling time.

It has 200w maximum power output adjusted in 8 different steps from 1/128 to 1/1. It has a short flash duration of 1/11,300seconds.

It is designed with portability in mind. With its lightweight metal body, the Unit is portable enough to be pocketed.

Its large AV panel offers ease of operation as the output is boldly displayed on the LED screen.


  • It has a fast recycle time (0.01-2.1sec)
  • The strobe is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery with 2900mAh capacity
  • The device is lightweight and portable and comes with a modeling lamp


  • The 2900mAh battery capacity is not just average

05. xLimoStudio High-Quality Photo Studio Flash/Strobe Light


Highlighted Features

  • Fast recycle time of 0.2-1.5 seconds
  • 200w max power output
  • Model light switch

The LimoStudio photography 200w photo mono light strobe is a pocket- friendly choice with unique features.

The Unit is designed with a Test Button and its Power Output can be dialed from 1/16 to full.

The strobe light is suitable as a main light, focus light, or backlight. It is designed with Led light to indicate when AC power is on and flash ready.

It has an 11ft extended code and plug and a sync cable for flexible movement around the studio.

The Limostudio strobe light is particularly suited for studio photography.


  • The device is not expensive.
  • The strobe can be used to create multiple lighting layouts


  • You can’t use an outdoor strobe except with a different power source.
  • The strobe is designed with a plastic casing; therefore, it is not durable.
  • It does not come with a wireless trigger.

06. Neewer 500W Studio Strobe Flash Photography Lighting Kit


Highlighted features

  • Wireless trigger and receiver
  • Short flash duration (1/2200sec)
  • Fast recycle time(0.3-1.7s)
  • 250w maximum power output
  • Modeling light

The Neewer 500w studio strobe light comes in a complete set, offering almost too much for its price.

The kit comes with a pair of the 250w 5600k strobe light, a softbox, a wireless trigger and receiver, and a translucent umbrella to soften the light output.

The strobe light can be used to create different lighting layouts. With 1/2200s flash duration, the light intensity is powerful enough for any scene.

It has a maximum power output of 250w. The modeling light can be adjusted to prop, full or off.


  • It has a fast recycle time (0.3-1.7s)
  • It has a Short flash duration(1/2200sec)
  • It comes with other items like the softbox and translucent umbrella.
  • The strobe light is affordable


  • It needs a power source if taken for a location shoot as it does not use a battery.
  • It does not have a cooling fan.

07. Neewer 800 Photo Strobe Light And Softbox Lighting


Highlighted Features

  • Wireless trigger and receiver
  • Fast recycle time (0.3-1.5sec)
  • Short flash duration
  • 400w maximum power output
  • Sync distance of 10m
  • It comes with a built-in cooling fan.
  • It has an input voltage of (110v/60-6Hz)
  • Aluminum alloy casing.

The Neewer strobe flash and softbox kit are one of the best budget strobe kits out there. It is considerably less expensive, considering the features it brings to the table.

The kit comes with a pair of each of the following: 400w strobe, AD-reflector Bowen mount, light stand, softbox, modeling lamp. It also comes with a wireless trigger and a bag.

The Unit, like other Neewer models, comes in a durable aluminum alloy casing. It has a very high flash energy of about 400Ws.

Its recycle time is 0.3-1.5seconds. It is also equipped with a flash duration of 1/2400s and a sync distance of up to 10m.

The Unit comes with a built-in cooling fan to keep it cool. Also, it can be used to create any lighting layout.


  • The strobe is considerably cheap.
  • It has a fast recycle time (0.3-1.5sec)
  • It has a short flash duration (1/2400s)
  • It has high flash energy of about 400Ws
  • The device comes with a built-in cooling fan.
  • It comes in a durable aluminum casing.
  • It comes with a set of other photography items.


  • The device needs an extra source of power if taken out for a location shoot since it doesn’t run on battery.

08. Neewer 900w(300w X 3) Professional Studio Flash Strobe Light


Highlighted Features

  • 300W maximum power output
  • 150w modeling light
  • Short flash duration(1/2000-1/4000)
  • Quick recycle time(0.2-1.5)

The Neewer 900W, like the rest of the Neewer versions, is a reliable strobe light with a considerably low price.

The Unit comes with two softboxes; three light stands, a translucent umbrella, a barn door, a 4 -channel trigger, and a bag.

It has a short flash duration of about (1/2000-1/4000s) and a fast recycle time of 0.2-1.5s. The strobe light comes with a 150w modeling lamp and a total power output of 400w.


  • The strobe light has a 150w modeling lamp
  • Neewer 900w is considered cheap
  • It comes with a set of other photography tools


  • The unit is not battery powered
  • It does not come with a built-in cooling fan, therefore the unit may overheat.

09. Godox AD200 2.4G TTL HSS Cordless Monolight


Highlighted Features

  • It has 32 channels
  • A large LCD panel
  • Fast recycle time (0.01-2.1s)
  • Large battery capacity (2900mAh)
  • 4 built-in wireless X system.

The Godox AD 200pro is a cheap but reliable option to choose from. The Unit comes with a barn door honeycomb, 4 color filters, and a standard reflector with a soft diffuser.

It has a delayed flash of 0.1 -0.3 seconds and a recycling speed of about 0.1-2.1 secs. The 2900mAh lithium battery powers the Unit.

The rechargeable lithium battery offers up to 500 Full Power Flashes. It has a maximum power output of about 200Ws; it can be adjusted in 8 Steps from 1/128 to 1/1. It has a short flash duration of 1/11,300 sec.


  • It has a fast recycling time (0.01-2.1 sec)
  • The strobe is portable and durable.
  • It is not expensive.
  • The device is battery powered


  • Its battery capacity is relatively small
  • It does not come with a built-in cooling fan.

10. Godox AD400Pro WITSTRO All-in-One Outdoor Flash AD400Pro


Highlighted Features

  • The maximum power output of 400w
  • Two power sources
  • Fast recycle time (0.1-1 sec)
  • Short flash duration (1/240-1/12820 sec)

The Godox AD 400 pro is a portable strobe light that comes with its unique design that allows for outdoor and indoor lighting.

The Unit weighs only 2.1k and only 22x10x12cm in size.

Its two power sources, the mains, and the 2600mAh battery make it an incredible choice anytime.

It has a very fast recycle time of 0.01-1.0 sec and a flash duration of 1/240-1/12820 secs.


  • The device has two power sources
  • It has a short flash duration (1/240- 1/12820)
  • It has a fast recycle time (0.1-1sec)


  • It is expensive compared to the other brands mentioned above

Things To Consider before purchasing Best Budget strobe lights For Photography

Although the two types can be used in any condition, it is always good to go for one which suits your purpose.

Choosing a strobe light suitable for your work should not just be bothered on budget only.

However, it is noteworthy to mention that some strobes are made explicitly for studio shoots and the other for location shoots.

Here are a few factors to consider before making your choice.

BrandTemperatureFlash DurationDimensionWeight
NEEWER VISION45600k +/- 200k1/1000 - 1/10000 12.5cmx 22.0cm1.8kg
NEEWER 300W 5600k +/- 200k 1/200s12.5 x 11.6 x 20.3cm1.4kg
GODOX SK 4OOII5600k +/- 200k1/2000s - 1/800s42.5x25x25cm0.5kg
Godox AD200 2.4G TTL HSS Cordless Monolight5600k +/- 200k1/1130024.5x14.8 x9.87cmI.9kg
LIMOSTUDIO photography 200W FLASH5600k +/- 200k1/2000s26x14.25x24.251.2kg
NEEWER 500W5600k +/- 200k1/2200s76x 31.25x21.25cm7.0kg
NEEWER 800W5600k +/- 200k1/2400s36x14x24.5cm 2.33kg
NEEWER 9005600k +/- 200k1/2000- 1/4000s30x13x13cm 2.5kg
GODOX PRO 5600k +/- 100k1/220-1/11300s32.6x25.8x11cm 7.3kg
GODOX AB PRO 5600k +/- 200k1/240-1/2820s 22x10.2x12.8cm2.1kg

01. Portability

The size and weight of the strobe should always be a significant factor while choosing a strobe flash.

The lighter and smaller strobe is far better in the location shoot cases, as you can easily carry it around. However, the bigger and heavier ones are best suited for studio shoots.

If you desire to buy a strobe that you’ll need to shuttle between locations, then a small size and the lightweight strobe is your best bet.

02. Look Out for Recycling time

The strobe light’s recycling time is the amount of time that it takes for a flash to recover after it flashes and recharge fully to fire again.

For greater efficiency, a faster recycling time is a necessity. It is particularly crucial in shooting sports, fashion, dances, or any fast-moving subjects.

You may ask how much recycle time is fast enough? Although it all depends on the subject that you are shooting, a recycle time of 0.1-1s is good enough for a start.

However, to get the best experience with strobe lights, the one with a faster recycle time will be a good option.

03. Flash Duration

The time it takes a flash tube to remain fully lighted up is called the “flash duration. The shorter the flash duration of a strobe, the better, because it determines the strobe’s ability to freeze motion.

Although strobe lights with a short flash duration can be quite expensive, it is worth the buy.

04. Modeling Light

Today, almost all strobe lights come with a modeling light. This quality is of great help to photographers as it helps determine the direction of light from the strobe.

It also previews the quality of light from the modifier even before the strobe is fired. LED modeling light can also serve as a continuous light source for video shoots.

Unfortunately, modeling light can cause battery drain if you use a battery-powered strobe, using the modeling light sparingly.

05. Its power source

One of the most important factors is the source of power. It can be powered by either a mains or a battery source.

However, your choice of a power source should be dependent on your preferred use location. If you are using the strobe in a studio, then a mains power source is preferable and less expensive.

Also, it is perfect to use a battery-powered strobe if you are working on a location-oriented project. For a higher powered strobe, the main power is the best option.

A battery-powered strobe usually has a lesser maximum power output of about 500 -1200 watt-seconds.

06. Maximum and minimum power output

Although you may think that all that matters in a strobe light is its maximum output, its minimum power output also plays a critical role in lighting an image correctly.

Its minimum power output is useful, mostly when the strobe is used close to the subject.

The strobe light should have the ability to go too low to provide sufficient lighting for the subject without overexposing it.

It is an excellent choice to get a strobe that can overpower the sun when the need is and can be adjusted down to generate low power when needed. A strobe with 500-1000Ws, which can go as low as 30-50Ws is good enough

When Do You Need a Strobe light?

Whenever you are ready to take a photo shoot, it is also essential to ready your lighting. Whether it be a speed light or a strobe light, lighting is one of the most critical elements of many good photographs.

Therefore, a strobe light can come in handy in any photoshoot session, be it indoor or outdoor.

How to maintain your strobe light

To keep your strobe light working optimally, you have to do the following:

  • Keep it away from moisture
  • Never allow it to overheat
  • For battery-powered strobe lights, please do not allow it totally com drain out before recharging it


We cannot overemphasize the importance of lights to photography. The quality of your picture is to great extent dependent on the quality of your light.

Lighting does not only affect the brightness and darkness of an image, but it also plays a vital role in the mood, tone, and temperature.

Strobe lights can help light up your subject and produce a professional image. However, strobe lights come with their different qualities and price tags.

I recommend you go for the one that can provide you excellent results at the lowest price.

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