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10 Best LED Dusk To Dawn Security Light 2021 | Ultra-Bright & Better Quality Safety Lights

Everyone needs to invest in the best LED dusk to dawn security light to ensure optimum security and protection around their business and home facilities. Generally, the importance of security lighting cannot be overemphasized.

Best Quality
TORCHSTAR LED Barn Light, Dusk to Dawn Security Area Light with Photocell, ETL & DLC Listed for...
Good Choice
LED Dusk to Dawn Light - Brightest on Amazon - 70 Watt - 10,000 Lumens! - Perfect for use as an LED...
Don't Miss
CINOTON LED Barn Light 42W, 5000K Daylight Dusk to Dawn LED Outdoor Lighting with Photocell, 4950lm...
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STASUN 13500lm Dusk to Dawn LED Flood Light, 150W Outdoor Lighting with Photocell, 6000K, OSRAM LED...
TORCHSTAR LED Barn Light, Dusk to Dawn Security Area Light with Photocell, ETL & DLC Listed for...
LED Dusk to Dawn Light - Brightest on Amazon - 70 Watt - 10,000 Lumens! - Perfect for use as an LED...
CINOTON LED Barn Light 42W, 5000K Daylight Dusk to Dawn LED Outdoor Lighting with Photocell, 4950lm...
STASUN 13500lm Dusk to Dawn LED Flood Light, 150W Outdoor Lighting with Photocell, 6000K, OSRAM LED...
Best Quality
TORCHSTAR LED Barn Light, Dusk to Dawn Security Area Light with Photocell, ETL & DLC Listed for...
TORCHSTAR LED Barn Light, Dusk to Dawn Security Area Light with Photocell, ETL & DLC Listed for...
Good Choice
LED Dusk to Dawn Light - Brightest on Amazon - 70 Watt - 10,000 Lumens! - Perfect for use as an LED...
LED Dusk to Dawn Light - Brightest on Amazon - 70 Watt - 10,000 Lumens! - Perfect for use as an LED...
Don't Miss
CINOTON LED Barn Light 42W, 5000K Daylight Dusk to Dawn LED Outdoor Lighting with Photocell, 4950lm...
CINOTON LED Barn Light 42W, 5000K Daylight Dusk to Dawn LED Outdoor Lighting with Photocell, 4950lm...
Also Consider
STASUN 13500lm Dusk to Dawn LED Flood Light, 150W Outdoor Lighting with Photocell, 6000K, OSRAM LED...
STASUN 13500lm Dusk to Dawn LED Flood Light, 150W Outdoor Lighting with Photocell, 6000K, OSRAM LED...

More than ever before, people now consider the need for security lights important and necessary.

There is a growing desire to ensure exterior structures, pathways, parking lots, and other important areas in a building are adequately illuminated.

Home and business owners have also embraced the trend of upgrading or replacing old-fashioned lighting fixtures with top-quality LED security lighting fixtures.

The best LED dusk to dawn security light guarantees uncompromised and top-quality lighting to improve visibility and prevent crimes around your commercial or personal facilities.

In this guide, we will look at the top dusk to dawn security light on the market.

These brands were picked based on their designs, performance, applications, affordability, and needs. In the end, you will be able to choose a specific design that satisfies your needs.


Comparison Table of Best LED Dusk To Dawn Security Light 2021 (Updated)

ImageBrandProduct Details
Superior Lighting
Shine Tech
CINOTON 4950lm
Kadision 7200lm
Bbounder 9800LM
LEDMO 18000lm

What is The Best Dusk to Dawn Security Light on the Market?

Our top choice of dusk to dawn security light is “Shine Tech LED Security Area Light.”

Why Shine Tech LED Light is the Best Brand Dusk to Dawn Security Light?

Several features set this brand or design apart from other top-quality security lights on the market.

First, irrespective of where this light is installed, this LED light guarantees uninterrupted illumination.

The light also goes off automatically when it’s dawn, which lowers energy consumption to a considerable percentage (about 88%) compared to traditional lighting.

Top 10 Best LED Dusk To Dawn Security Light Reviews 2021

01. TORCHSTAR Dusk to Dawn Area Light – Best Quality Dusk To Dawn Light


TorchStar dusk to dawn security light is known for its incredible efficiency amongst other amazing benefits users gain from installing this design.

Its energy consumption of about 35 watts makes TorchStar one of the most economical security light designs you will find on the market.

Let’s talk about performance. This security light offers good impressive illumination. The light area coverage is broader, making it a perfect replacement option for 250 Watts conventional light.

Suppose you are looking for an energy-saving security light that is safe and easy to operate. In that case, this is a perfect option for you.

This light design is perfect for both home and commercial use, thanks to its top-quality performance.

Since it comes with the dusk to dawn photocell, you save more on energy consumption. It also makes operation easy and convenient.

The light comes on automatically at night and goes off at dawn- this guarantees about Fifty thousand (50,000) hours of operation.

Another brilliant feature of TouchStar design is that it’s made from top-quality materials.

So, its operation is not affected by water or dust, making it a perfect design for everyone, irrespective of where they live and their needs.

Although the TouchStar security light is a fantastic design, we discovered a few downsides or areas where this product can be improved.

First, the installation manual doesn’t contain adequate information. In addition to that, users may have to get the whole fixture replaced in case of any problem.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be mounted up to 16 feet high
  • About 50,000 hours of operation
  • About 35 Watts of energy consumption
  • Not affected by water or dust
  • Comes with dusk to dawn photocell


  • Good illumination and area coverage
  • Not heavy
  • Durable and pocket-friendly
  • Easy of operation


  • Instructions in the installation guide are minimal
  • Reported photocell failure amongst users

02. Superior Lighting – Best LED Dusk To Dawn Light


An impressive 65 Watt LED dusk to dawn security light. It is designed to meet every user’s needs, thanks to its 85,000 Lumens output.

This superior lighting is known for its durability and brightness. Since it is designed to be very bright, it stands out as a perfect outdoor lighting choice.

Suppose you are looking for a security light brand that guarantees great light coverage area, thereby enhancing properties’ security. In that case, this is a great choice for you.

In addition to its impressive illumination, this light has a life span of about 50,000 hours, which guarantees long-lasting usage or operation.

Also, its performance is not affected by extreme weather conditions. Hence, it can withstand water and dust.

The top-quality material used in manufacturing SUPERIOR LIGHTING LED design also ensures it is not susceptible to rust and not affected by vibrations.

Suppose you are looking for a design that is very easy to install irrespective of performance. In that case, you may want to look elsewhere.

You may need to hire a professional to install this design because hardwiring is involved.  Also, the mounting arm is short- you may need to invest in a long arm.

Highlighted Features

  • Not affected by water, dust, or vibrations
  • 65 Watt LED dusk to a dawn security light
  • 85,000 Lumens output
  • About 50,000 active life
  • Rust resistance
  • You don’t need batteries
  • Turns On and Off automatically


  • Extended active life
  • Well illuminated
  • Impressive area coverage
  • Ensures you save on energy consumption


  • Installation is not easy
  • The mounting arm is short

03. LEPOWER 3500LM – Best Durable Light For Dusk To Dawn Security Light


Many amazing features set LEPOWER 3500LM apart from its contemporaries. To start with, the manufacturer designed this light to consume less energy, thereby making it a top energy-saving design for individuals and industries.

According to the manufacturer, users save as much as 80 percent more energy than most traditional security lighting options on the market.

In addition, LEPOWER LED light is also considered to offer brighter lighting than most brands on the market, thanks to its 3500 Lumens.

Since it’s made from top-quality aluminum material, this gives LEPOWER LED its incredible heat dissipation quality.

Also, it can last up to about 50,000 hours of operation without any drop in performance.

This light can withstand extreme weather conditions. Most especially, its performance is not affected by water or dust.

When it comes to LEPOWER, users can easily make necessary adjustments to the light head, depending on their desired angle.

Considering this design’s shallow base, users may need to invest in brackets to ensure appropriate installation.

Also, it doesn’t come with the motion detection feature- this is subjective.

Highlighted Features

  • Turns On and Off automatically
  • Incredible heat dissipation quality
  • Light heads can be adjusted with ease
  • 3500LM of brightness
  • About 50,000 hours of consistent use
  • 3 light heads


  • Large light coverage area
  • Long-lasting security light
  • Ease of installation
  • Not affected by water


  • More brackets may be needed during installation

04. Shine Tech LED


If you need a security light design that offers uninterrupted illumination without having to break the bank, here is an excellent option you can consider.

Irrespective of where you need a security light installed, Shine Tech LED security light offers excellent performance that you can depend on.

Since it comes with a photocell feature, the light goes off automatically during the day and comes on at night.

Also, you can save on energy bills, thanks to its low energy usage.

With about an 88 percent reduction in energy consumption than some traditional light options, this light can last up to fourteen years or about 50,000 hours of operation.

Thanks to its extensive supply of light, the coverage area is impressive- it supplies about 5500L of brightness.

When calculated in diameter, the brightness shines up to 107 feet. This shows how useful Shine Tech LED light is.

Suppose you are looking for a security light design that promises excellent performance when guarding important areas of your home and saving more on the cost of energy consumption. In that case, this is a product you can count on.

Now to the downsides. We notice that many users are not impressed with the nature of installation- Pole mounting installation.

This means users will have to invest in the pole mounting kit before installation can be done.

Highlighted Features

  • The light turns On and Off automatically
  • About 88 percent reduction in energy consumption
  • Can last up to 14 years
  • Supplies about 5500L of brightness
  • Pole mounting installation


  • Long-lasting lighting solution
  • Uninterrupted illumination
  • Ensures you save on energy
  • The light covers an extended area


  • Installation can’t be done without a pole



This is another great outdoor light you can invest in. If you are looking for an impressive bright yard light for extra security, this super bright design is all you need. The light comes on after dusk and goes off at dawn.

CINOTON LED barn light doesn’t make noise during operation. It is not heavy, made from top-quality material, and delivers a great light output, thanks to its remarkable 4950 Lumens.

In terms of energy-saving and longevity, this product reduces energy consumption by about 87%.

The performance and life span of CINOTON can be attributed to the top-quality aluminum material which it is made of. This aluminum material ensures heat is dissipated excellently at all times.

Overall, usage extends through various areas, and the performance is not compromised by extreme weather conditions.

You can install CINOTON around several areas of your home or business facilities where outdoor security is paramount.

CINOTON LED barn light is easy to install, and the light coverage is dependent on the mounting height or distance.

This means, the higher this barn light is installed, the wider the light coverage area you achieve.

Also, the photocell feature is considered a little sensitive- the light only comes on when it is pretty dark.

Highlighted features

  • 4950 Lumens
  • Water resistance
  • About 87% reduction in energy consumption
  • 50,000 hours of operation
  • No noise during operation
  • Sensitive photosensor


  • Can be easily mounted
  • Exceptionally bright light
  • Durable design
  • Offers great value for money


  • Doesn’t come with an extension arm
  • Coverage area is dependent on mounting height

06. Kadision LED Wall Pack


One fascinating thing about Kadision LED light is its wide application. It can be installed for pathway lighting and additional security during the night to guarantee optimum safety and avert crimes.

Like the other brands on our list, Kadision LED light also comes with the photocell feature for automatic control- turns On\Off during Dusk and Dawn, respectively.

In case you are planning to install this brand in a region with extreme weather conditions, the aluminum material ensures performance is not affected by water or moisture.

Built to last long, Kadision provides up to 50,000 hours of excellent lighting. This also translates to eight hours of operation every day.

If you are looking for a perfect light to improve your home or office’s security, you may want to try out this design, thanks to its 7200LM of brightness.

The installation is not complicated. Everyone can do this without the need for a professional. The installation guide is well-detailed- contains the necessary instructions you need for successful mounting.

After going through reviews from users, we couldn’t find any downside relating to operation or performance. Well, some users complained about the weight of the design-bulky.

Highlighted Features

  • 7200L of brightness
  • 50,000 hours life span
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • 60 Watts LED light
  • Automatic control system
  • Installation guide


  • Installation is not difficult
  • Impressive lighting coverage
  • Made from top-quality material
  • Reduced energy consumption


  • Bulky design

07. Brightech – LightPro


If you stay in a wet region, here is an ideal pick for you. BRIGHTECH yard light is designed to perform without restrictions or limitations in environments with extreme climatic conditions such as excessive rainfall or moisture.

With a color temperature of about 5000K during operation and 56W energy consumption, the quality and brightness (4,000 Lumens) of light illuminated is remarkable. You will also save on energy consumption.

According to the manufacturer, Brightech has a life span of almost 20 years. Since it is long-lasting, you won’t have to replace your outdoor security lighting frequently. Hence, you save money on replacement.

In addition to being cost-effective, this LED yard light is built from top-material, which guarantees its durability and strength.

If you are considering a product that offers performance, durability, and ease of operation, this is a perfect pick for you.

The installation process requires hardwiring. Suppose you don’t have any experience whatsoever.

In that case, you may need to pay a professional to carry out the installation for you. This is the only way you can ensure the installation is done properly.

Highlighted Features

  • 56W energy consumption
  • 4,000 Lumens LED light
  • 5000K color Temp
  • The life span of up to 20 years
  • Automatic operations (On & Off)
  • Not affected by extreme weather


  • Low energy consumption
  • Top performance
  • No assembling needed
  • Build for strength
  • Installation is easy


  • You may need the help of a professional during the installation

08. STASUN 13500lm


Are you looking for a light design that offers maximum security at night? Here is an amazing offer for you. STASUN LED flood light, when installed, can light up a large area.

The brightness (13500LM) is in its class of its own as it does the job of two lights. When this design is mounted at a corner of your facility, it can conveniently light up two sides simultaneously.

STASUN 3500LM floodlight comes with the photocell feature, which allows the light to come on during the night, and goes off during daybreak automatically. Hence, energy is conserved, and you save more on energy costs.

The setup and build allow users to adjust or configure the mounting in their preferred position without inferring other people’s privacy.

STASUN can rotate 330 degrees from one side to the other, and the U shape bracket rotates up and down at an angle of 180 degrees.

The flexibility possessed by this outdoor security light allows it to conveniently illuminate a large area.

Overall, this product ensures users have access to efficient brightness and performance, thereby providing extra security and safety to home and business facilities.

Since the photocell is directly facing the mounting bracket, we advise that you install the light facing north.

STASUN 13500lm is a bit expensive. Still, you will definitely get value in terms of brightness and performance.

Highlighted Features

  • 88% reduction in energy cost
  • 150W energy consumption
  • 13500 Lumens
  • Illuminates a large area
  • Can last for about 50,000 hours
  • Can rotate from one side to the other, up & down


  • It can be used under extreme weather conditions
  • Wider lighting coverage
  • Energy-saving security light
  • Installation is easy


  • A bit expensive
  • Doesn’t come with brackets

09. Bbounder – LightPRO


Bbounder barn light is known for the quality and brightness of light produced. Although it consumes less energy still.

It provides adequate illumination you need for extra security at home or other facilities where you may decide to mount these light, thanks to its 70W 9800LM LED light.

The package comes with two light heads. These lights have the photocell feature that allows automatic On/Off at the appropriate time of the day- turns on when it’s dark, and goes off during daybreak. So, you won’t have to control these lights manually.

Since the lights consume less energy and only come on only at night, this reduces the energy consumption rate, which eventually translates to an 88 percent reduction in electricity costs.

Bbounder LightPRO is made from a top-quality aluminum material to ensure sturdiness and durability.

Also, the quality of the material allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions. Thus, performance is not affected by dust, water, or moisture, and it is resistant to rust.

Overall, you can easily install this security light design around any outdoor facilities or structures where optimum security is required.

Some users agree that the screws may be too long; we advise you to use shorter screws during mounting to avoid breaking the plastic frame.

Also, suppose you are planning to mount these lights on poles. In that case, additional brackets are needed- the package only comes with hardware for flat surface installation.

Highlighted Features

  • 70W energy consumption
  • 9800LM LED lights
  • Up to 88% reduction in electricity cost
  • About 50,000 hours of operation
  • Turns On/Off automatically
  • Light direction: Up and Down
  • 2 packs of lights


  • Very bright light
  • Provides adequate lighting
  • Consumes less energy
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Made from top-quality Aluminum


  • The screws may be too long
  • Doesn’t come with pole mounting hardware

10. LEDMO 120W


In terms of operation and performance, LEDMO 120W barn light is similar to other products on this list.

The energy consumption is within 120W, and it provides about 18000ML high levels of brightness during use.

The lights operate automatically- they come on when it’s dark and goes off very early in the morning.

With the regulated operation and lower energy consumption, this security light design guarantees meaningful energy cost savings.

Since LEDMO 120W is made from top-quality Aluminum, this guarantees durability and makes it a perfect security light for users in regions with extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and snow.

Not only that, the material ensures heat is dissipated excellently during use.

This security light is very easy to install. The presence of all the mounting brackets and arm guarantees fast installation.

Although this product comes with the necessary hardware for mounting, the mounting pole’s quality is poor and questionable.

Highlighted Features

  • 120W 18000LM LED light
  • One light pack
  • Made of top-quality Aluminum
  • Comes with necessary installation hardware
  • Can be mounted up to 50 feet on the pole and wall
  • Up to 80% savings on energy consumption


  • A perfect fit for extreme weather conditions
  • No affected by rainfall and snow
  • Very bright and adjustable lighting angle
  • Easy to mount


  • Low-quality mounting hardware
  • A bit expensive

Buying considerations Best LED Dusk To Dawn Security Light

LED Dusk To Dawn Security Light

This section will consider the factors to consider when choosing the best dusk to dawn security lights on the market.

Come up with a Budget

Before you consider investing in a security light, make sure you have a budget. Although dusk to dawn light lowers energy consumption, thereby lowering the cost of energy, it is also important to know the cost of purchase.

To come up with a budget, you must have very clear needs and expectations.

Generally, some certain features contribute to the cost of dusk to dawn light. These features are the level of brightness, the design or brand, and life span.

Consider the Brightness level

To start with, the brightness of a light bulb is measured in LM. Different brands have their own specific LM.

Generally, the level of brightness (LM) ranges between 50 and 30,000. So, selections are made based on the needs of every user.

For instance, if you plan to mount an LED security light in a large area where very bright lighting is required, you can target about 5000LM for a start.

In case you need the dusk to dawn light for extra security, look for a brand that offers between 500ML and 2500ml.


Consider the quality of material used in producing your choice of light. Make sure you go for a brand that offers durability and sturdiness.

Also, your choice of light must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as storms, high temperatures, heavy rain, and snow.

We recommend going for a product that is made from Aluminum. Aside from being built for strength, this material is also known for its efficiency in heat dissipation.

Photocell Feature

This is a photosensor responsible for automatic operation-On/Off of lights when it’s dark and when it’s daybreak, respectively.

With this feature available on your light, you won’t have to go through the stress of operating the light from time to time.

WH Questions of Best Dusk To Dawn Outdoor Wall Lights

LED Security Light

What brand of dusk to dawn light should I go for?

We have extensively discussed 10 different brands in this guide. All of these brands are excellent choices you can pick from. Go through the list and select a brand that delivers on your expectations and needs.

How long the dusk to dawn light does stay on?

On average, this light operates from 8 to 11 hours daily.

Why should I go for dawn light made from standard aluminum alloy?

Lights that are made from top-quality aluminum alloy ensure your lights performs optimally at all time without being affected by overheating.

This type of material allows heat to dissipate faster, thereby preventing it from getting hot.


Suppose you are looking for an effective way to minimize bulb replacement and energy consumption costs.

In that case, the purchase and installation of LED dusk to Dawn security light is the best way to achieve this.

By reading this guide, you will get the relevant information you need to make the right purchase decision.

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