7 Best Sunlight Desk Lamps 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

Days become shorter and dull because of the outbreak season out there. You might have noticed a prominent change in your physical and mental health or felt sleeping way too much. That’s all because we are staying home for long as this is the only safest possible way. But don’t worry, you will be fixed with the best sunlight lamps which help you get back the things on track!

The sunlight lamps are intended to deliver light which helps in body functioning by regulating the hormones. According to experts and doctors, sunlight lamps are effective for Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) sufferers. In short, these lamps don’t give UV rays and are safe to use. In the upcoming section, I will present the seven top-notch sunlight desk lamps worth buying in 2023. So let’s dig in!

Top Sunlight Desk Lamps

1. Light Therapy Lamp, Miroco UV Free – Sewing Lamp

Light Therapy Lamp


The first lamp on the list is the “Light therapy lamp.” It is a portable and nice-looking lamp that will make your work setup more aesthetic than before. It is compacted in layout and convenient to use. If you have never used a sunlight lamp before, then you should go for this handy option in the market.

It comes in basic white color and features a foldable design. You can fit or mount it over any surface with ease. Moreover, it is portable or maneuverable. You can even carry it in your suitcase or bag if you have to place it in your office or so. In short, it shows maximum mobility.

As the name indicated, a light therapy desk lamp comes with the full spectrum light. In fact, it can deliver 10,00 lux light which gives you your daily sunlight dose at home. The LED light is also included in this lamp, but don’t worry, that’s totally UV-free. So it will not harm your eyes by emitting radiation.

Moreover, a built-in timer in this beautiful lamp re-energizes you and won’t let you waste your time checking the clock. The time is programmable and you can set with different time intervals ranging from ten to sixty minutes. It features touch cancellation.

  • UV safe
  • Multiple brightness levels
  • Portable
  • Provides around 10,000lux
  • Builtin timer
  • Single color temperature


Briefly, it is one of the most portable designs you can get under this category. It is beautiful, efficient, and trendy. I recommend this product for its compactness, foldable design, easy transport, and zero emissions.

2. Natural Sunlight Desk Lamp – Best Craft Light

Natural Sunlight Desk Lamp


The second choice that I have made is a traditional style “Natural sunlight desk lamp.” If you are searching for a desk lamp that gives off the maximum natural light for you, this is an ideal option. It is perfect for reading, working, writing, or other precise tasks requiring exact lightning for concentration. As it is natural, it won’t affect your eyes or health condition in any way, even after long-term exposure.

The best thing about this lamp is that it delivers more bright light than its market competitors. It would be effortless for you to notice even minor details. It is designed to reduce eye strain and is recommended for people who are suffering from SAD.

In addition, the layout is quite conventional. It is not a fancy lamp but comes in different basic colors, making it a good choice for finishing the decor. In design, it is a multi-directional lamp with an adjustable neck that allows you simple movements. That’s why it is a considerable choice for artists.

It lacks LED. However, LED is also not considered a good choice because it emits radiation like UV, which is harmful. It comes with a 150-watt bulb that offers light similar to that of a sunny day. It is a true natural lamp.

  • Mimics sunlight
  • Simple
  • Adjustable
  • Multiple colors available
  • Safe
  • Lack LED


Comprehensively, it is an old-style desk lamp that is famous for mimicking natural light. It gives off no UV rays as it lacks LED. I suggest this option mainly to artists, writers or readers.

3. Verilux HappyLight Therapy Lamp – Best Light For Needlework

Verilux HappyLight Therapy Lamp


Third, on the list is “Verilux Happy Light.” It is a full-size lamp which is suitable for large desks. It mimics natural sunlight that makes it a safer option to use even for a long time. The bulb located in this lamp uses the full spectrum light of 10,000 lux, enhancing your attention towards work, energy, mood, or sleep without harming your health. It is a UV-free lamp.

The feature that makes it stand out in the market is its customizable brightness, allowing you to alter the light according to your type of work or mood. This experience is because of its extra-large lens that modified the light on your command. The lens is around 41 square inches in size. You can even tilt it in your direction. In short, it allows optimum, comfortable, and adequate lightning anywhere.

In the context of design, it is a decent-looking lamp. It comes with a stand through which you can mount it onto your counter, table, bedside table, desk, or even on the wall. These mounting options make it even more convenient, especially for beginners.

  • Large display
  • Full-spectrum light
  • UV free
  • Customizable
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Heavier


Long story short, this lamp is providing you adjustability and greater convenience. It looks nice but is heavy as compared to similar products. The build quality is appreciable. However, I mention it because of its various mounting styles and extra-large lens.

4. Circadian Optics Lamp – Led Craft Lamp

Circadian Optics Lamp


At fourth, we have the “Circadian Optics light”! This desk lamp offers symmetry with minimalism. It is one of the most versatile options out there in terms of design. It fits at any workstation and is possibly the greatest choice for the area which lacks windows because it delivers natural light.

It offers great adjustability. The main light panel is rotatory that allows you to change the position and direct the lamp towards your way to maximizing the light therapy. It is easy to use, quick and comes with a one-touch operation. Briefly, I must say that this natural light lamp is simple and convenient regardless of the hassle of complicated settings or programming.

In addition, you also get the three different pre-programmed levels of light that allows you to customize the brightness. The alteration in brightness is actually beneficial for those who work late at night. It offers optimal effects with comfort. Along with that, it contains the LED bulbs, which are long-lasting.

  • Adjustable
  • Three different light levels
  • Durable LED bulbs
  • One-touch functioning
  • Provides 10,000 lux
  • Available in single color only


As a whole, this lamp is a complete package. It gives you the experience of LED light, adjustable design, customizable brightness, and more. I preferred this product for its comforts, multiple light levels, and versatility.

5. Koncept Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp – Craft Desk Lamp

Koncept Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp


Next comes the Z bar desk lamp by Koncept manufacturers. It makes infinite flexibility available in restrictive work zones. This lamp accommodates a dimmer along with the touch strip. The strip is located near the head for convenience. As a whole, it comes with a here-bar design that offers multiple lighting options. It is quite innovative and effortless.

There is a long power cord with the size of around 108 inches. This power cord creates maximum accessibility. It ensures to provide the light available wherever you want without concerning the location of the outlet.

Moreover, because of the flexible bar design, the lamp shows good adjustability in different ways. The head of it can rotate or even spin to fulfill your demands. In the fully extended form, the head can reach around 33.8 inches which is quite impressive.

In addition, you get multiple mounting options like wall mount, table clamp, table mount, or more. The package also includes the LED bulb, which delivers more than 20,000 hours of use before replacement. It is a kind of lifetime warranty.

  • Adjustable and customizable
  • Dimmer capable
  • LED bulbs included
  • Elongated power cord
  • Various mounting options
  • Feature some plastic light components


In a nutshell, this natural light safe-to-use lamp is a deal that included almost every necessary feature. It is adjustable and customizable. I appreciate this product for its extra-long power cord, multiple mounting styles, long-life LED bulbs, and rotary head.

6. Flos Kelvin Table Lamp – Craft Floor Lamps

Flos Kelvin Table Lamp


Here comes the “Flos Kelvin Green Mode Task lamp”. It features a decent design with efficient performance. You get a rotatory head and arm in the design context that looks noticeable and allows extraordinary flexibility of 360-degrees. You can place it at a vertical angle at the height of 18 inches maximum from the desk. It is a very feasible and versatile layout that gives you effortless performance.

I will really like to appreciate the build quality of this lamp. It is a superlative model, which might cost you more, but the specifications are totally worth it. It is made up of aluminum material which is more sturdy and long-lasting than plastic material construction. This is one of the reasons behind the positive feedback of this item.

In addition, it is not a traditional lamp. It is equipped with different sensors that work beyond expectations. First comes the touch sensors for switch on and off. These sensors are located on the head of the lamp for convenient use.

Moreover, there are additional sensors inside the lamp which adjusts and monitors the brightness level automatically according to the exterior. It makes sure that the light will not get left if not needed. In this way, it has become an environmentally competent and power-efficient model.

  • Adjustable
  • Include sensors
  • Power saving
  • Rotatory head
  • Made with non-toxic materials
  • Pricey


In a nutshell, this is a digitized model. It includes multiple sensors, which work phenomenally. Moreover, the design and building—all require prominent appreciation. Besides, I have chosen this best table lamp mainly for its efficient performance, power saving idea, and convenience.

7. Tomshine Spiral LED Table Lamp. – Hobby Lamps

Tomshine Spiral LED Table Lamp


Last but not least is the “Tomshine Spiral LED lamp.” This lamp is famous because of its unique yet stunning and attractive design. It features a complete spiral look which will enhance the aesthetics of your work area. It can also be placed on the side table or dressing because of its beautiful look.

It is constructed with stainless steel material which gives an overall generous impression. The manufacturers claimed that this tabletop lamp is durable; however, users have not found it an extremely sturdy option. But, that’s okay with its price as it is affordable.

It features a streamlined LED lighting system. The illuminated is totally safe and will not fatigue the eyes even on continuous usage or exposure. It gives off a unique and warm light of 3000K temperature, ideal for those who work at night. In short, it creates a cozy and comfortable environment that seems classy.

Additionally, it comes with a stable base. It will not lose balance at any point because of the non-slip material used in the construction of its bottom. You clearly do not have to worry about its stability. It is a balanced yet convenient table lamp that can be used for various purposes.

  • Versatile
  • Stable
  • Looks elegant
  • Eye caring
  • Features LED
  • Not very durable


In conclusion, this lamp features a gorgeous and attractive design that amazes the users. It can be used to enlighten the work surfaces and decorate the side tables or dressings. I found it a considerable choice because of its affordability, greater convenience, unique layout, and LED lighting source.

Buying Guide

img source: exactdn.com


There are different small, medium, and large-sized lamps available in the market, and there is no specific rule for considering that. However, make sure to go for a proportionate lamp to your desk size or workspace. For a large desk, a big lamp is required and vice versa. Quickly, measure the length of your monitor and find a lamp option of equal height.

Type of Lamp

Besides the size, there are different kinds of desk lamps available. Some are simple, while others are technologically complex. Based on the diversity of styles and performance, there are mainly six types of desk lamps. Each has its own pros and cons.

The first type is “Adjustable arm lamps,” which allows you to regulate the light source farther and closer as per your suitability. These lamps are ideal for large desks where there is enough space for maneuverability. I really like the wooden lamps with built-in adjustable arms for my work area.

The second type is “Gooseneck lamps,” which feature neck flexibility. It allows you to rotate and move the lamp in different positions. These lamps are equipped with gooseneck twisting features that can perform a circular motion of 360-degree.

The third type is “Clip-on-Lamps.” These lamps have a clip which is also called C-clamp. The clip gets attached to the edge of your table or any work surface. It is quite a handy option as it doesn’t need adjustment or even space. It is an ideal choice for smaller work regions as it is compacted and lightweight.

The fourth type is “Magnifying Lamps.” These table lamps contain an illuminated magnifying lens which provides you smaller details in a better way. It reduces eye strain and fatigue and is ideal for professionals, hobbyists, and eyesight sufferers.

The fifth type is “Banker lamps.” These are the classical type lamps that come with a horizontal shade, brass stand, and chain. These lamps are similar to traditional lamps and look very aesthetic. However, it is not a perfect choice for small desks.

Type of Lightning

There are various light sources used in lamps, and each source has its own advantages and disadvantages. The right type of lightning bulb is the one that allows you to focus on work by giving perfect illumination—without affecting your eyes. Let’s take a look at the main kinds:

The first kind of light source is “LED” or halogen bulbs. This light source delivers a bright and crystal-clear light. However, the halogen lamps get extremely hot to touch.

The second kind of bulb is the “Fluorescent light bulb (CFL),” which delivers high-contrasting light similar to natural daylight. They don’t feature any dimmer property, as this bulb utilizes mercury vapor which is not very good for health. If you purchase one, then make sure to dispose of it with caution.

The third kind is the “Incandescent light bulb.” This light source comes with a modified color definition and provides a uniform amount of light. Besides, the lifespan of these bulbs is shorter than others as it provides light for up to a thousand hours only. If you’ve no issue with the time, then you should go for these bulbs.

Color Temperature

Color temperature refers to the measurement of warmth and coldness of light visually. The color temperature is measured in Kelvin. The higher temperature is defined as colder illumination and vice versa. On the scale, 2200 to 2700 K is considered warm white light, and 4000 to 5500 K is cool white light. For task lighting, the use of warmer white light is suggested.


img source: reactual.com

Are LED desk lamps bad for your eyes?

Some experts say that LED desk lamps or LED lights might hurt your eyes and affect your health. If not necessary, then you should stay away from that. However, in my view the LED lamps are quite demanding these days, so you can get one with high quality if needed.

Is it necessary to have a desk lamp?

The desk lamps are a viable option for studying, performing tasks, photography at a small scale, working, and more. It provides suitable lightning to the platform where you have to do the eye-straying hobby. These lamps come in a variety of types, illuminating bulbs, and designs.

Where is the best position for a lamp you use to read in the dark?

The best lamp position to read a book is placing it behind the shoulder of the reader. If you are left-handed, then set it on the right shoulder; otherwise, keep it on the right side. In this way, your body part will not overshadow the words while you’re writing or reading.

Final Words

While choosing an appropriate desk lamp, you need to consider multiple tiny things to fulfill your workspace demands or your own needs. Many people suffer from headaches, eye illnesses, or fatigue because their work area lacks adequate lightning. Thus, you should go for an option which is best suited for you. For instance, if you are into repairing related work, then you should buy a magnifying lamp. If you are an artist, then go for the adjustable arm lamp. If you are a kid, choose gooseneck type, and so on.

This article has already mentioned some of the best products in today’s market under this category. All of those are readily available at Amazon. While my three favorites are the following:

Natural Sunlight Desk Lamp

Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp for its comfortness, multiple light levels, and versatility.

Tomshine Spiral LED Table Lamp for its affordability, greater convenience, unique layout, and LED lighting source.

In the end, I have provided you enough information related to the best sunlight desk lamps from the 2023’s market. But keep in mind that every product has its own intentions. You have to address your demand first to make an appropriate decision.


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