How Many Lumens Do I Need For Outdoor Lighting – 2023 Guide

Outdoor lighting is not as easy as it looks. It is all about your art, your artistic brain and how it works. It represents how creative you are and your choice of how you decorate your landscape view. You have to be careful about many different things. However, they increase the beauty of your home and garden very much. But you have to be very selective and conscious about the count of lumens you are using in your outdoor lighting.

Keep in mind to focus not only on how to decorate your outside of the house but also on what number of lumens are necessary for natural enchantment. Because if you use extra luminations, which are not required for your outdoor lighting, they will create a very bright look which would be annoying for the eyes. Alternatively, if you choose a very few lumens for your landscape lighting, it would not give you the results you want.

You have to be very choosy and selective about the number of lumens. Here, I am helping you in selecting how many lumens would be necessary and will create a beautiful and attractive look without giving you fatigue.

The Best Amount of Lumens For Outdoor Lighting

Best Amount of Lumens For Outdoor Lighting

Read all the details mentioned below on the count of Landscape Lightning so you will be able to light up your home perfectly the way you want.

Unwritten Rule

This unwritten rule that professionals always follow regarding landscape lighting: ” 50 lumens per square foot”.

Although there is this estimation, the most critical factor responsible for detecting the need for shine in your outdoor areas is what you prefer the most. Furthermore, the spacing between the lamps, the site you are lighting and the area size are also crucial. Keep in mind all of these factors and get to the answer of these factors, and then detect the number of lumens you should use for perfect lighting.

Here is a list and the ideal number of lumens according to the areas present to make your landscape lighting look attractive.

For Stairs Lightning

Lightning in stairs is very necessary because it will provide a pathway for you. Make sure to light the path of the stairs so that the light falls all over the stairs and not on the half stairs. Moreover, if the light is only on the half stairs, it would cause more harm than advantage.

Keeping in mind all of these factors, the ideal lumens that will look good and will benefit you the most are in between 120 to 220 lumens.

Additionally, you can place two larger bulbs on both ends in addition to these lumens so the staircase pathway would be lit just the way you want.


Gardening landscape lighting is different for different regions. There are smaller trees, shrubs and other plants and specific areas on which you want to put more focus. Choose the lumens according to them. The outdoor garden is an area where there are different places that you want to brighten more than others.

For an average size plant and smaller shrubs, 30 to 50 lumens look best.

Similarly, for more giant trees, somewhere between 70 to 90 lumens will look fabulous.

These numbers can be varied according to your taste.

Garage and Driveway

The garage is the area where you park your car. The bulbs that are placed in the garage and driveway area are mostly those which are lit on their own when they detect any movement. This should not be very sparkling as it will not look very good. Moreover, they should not be interrupting your neighbour’s windows, garage, door or garden. These lights guide you throughout the pathways and garage.

Somewhere in between 600 to 800 lumens seems best and ideal for proper lightening of paths.

Swimming Pool

The pool area is not required to be very lit. It should contain bulbs that give you a dreamy and attractive view of your pool.

For the view effect of the lights which illuminate from under the water, 250 to 450 lumens work best.

They will not make your pool over sparkling and will not leave it in the darkness. Moreover, it will provide the ideal and beautiful view for mental peace. Make your pool light warm enough to give you more smoothness and mental relaxation while swimming.

Wall Lighting

Wall looks very lovely when there are a perfect number of lumens on it. It should not be over-enchanting.

For the appealing effect in a perfect view of your walls and boundaries of your home, you should go with bulbs with 100 to 130 lumens light.

Best Amount of Lumens For Outdoor Lighting


Are 800 lumens very bright for a dining area?

It depends on your choice. If you prefer bright light while eating, you can go with more lumens, but if you like a cosy environment and warm feeling while having dinner, you can select somewhere between 400 to 850 lumens.

How many lumens are considered bright?

One hundred lumens are considered bright at most places. But still, it depends on the area you are lamping and your choice and how much focus you want to put on that area. The numerical value of hundred lumens is variable.

Is the higher the lumen, the better?

No, not; the number of lumens depicts the amount of light you are having. Moreover, it’s not always necessary that higher numbers of lumens are always better because, in some areas, you should put lowlights which is only possible with a low lumens count.


Make sure to select various colors and bulbs to make your landscape lighting more attractive and appealing. Start with the minimum number of lumens and increase until you feel the view is perfect for you.

The range of lumen that is mentioned above under every different heading is approximately measured. Make sure to keep in mind all the other factors that affect your landscape lighting. Moreover, you can increase and decrease the number of lumens according to your requirement.