7 Best LED Billboard Light 2021 – Top Picks

Best LED Billboard Light

An LED billboard light is a type of outdoor lighting that allows for advertising signage on billboards without using the traditional neon or fluorescent tubes found in most lamps. This type of outdoor lighting has become increasingly popular as prices have dropped on LED lights, allowing marquee owners to replace inefficient lamps with efficient ones. …

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Top 7 Best 800W Grow Lights 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

800W Grow Lights

LED grow lights are also known as “Cannabis Grow Lights” or “Herb Grow Lights.” They are primarily used to grow herbs, which can be sold illegally in most jurisdictions. However, LED lighting is increasingly being researched for use with other plants. The cannabis plant has an extremely specific light requirement for growth: it requires light …

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How to Light a Green Screen – 2021 Ultimate User Guide

how to light a green screen

Green screens are used in various industries today including photography, journalism, film, animation and more. What Is a Green Screen? A green screen is used to place one image or video behind another image or video. This can be done for several reasons including “green screening” images into a new background that wasn’t actually shot …

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