How to Light a Green Screen – 2021 Ultimate User Guide

how to light a green screen

Green screens are used in various industries today including photography, journalism, film, animation and more. What Is a Green Screen? A green screen is used to place one image or video behind another image or video. This can be done for several reasons including “green screening” images into a new background that wasn’t actually shot …

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Driveway Lighting Design Ideas for Your Home and Business In 2021

driveaway lighting design ideas

Driving down the road, it’s easy to see all of the “ideas” others have when it comes to their homes and their curb decoration. While some are great ideas and some aren’t so much, there is one idea that can never be improved: lighting your driveway. Illuminating your driveway adds a certain amount of safety …

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What Size Landscape Lighting Transformer to Use? – 2021 Guide

Landscape Lighting Transformer

Knowing how much power your landscape lighting system uses is important because it allows you to estimate the total cost of operating the fixtures. This is very helpful for determining whether or not a new landscape lighting system will be able to pay for itself over its lifetime, and in some cases may even reduce …

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