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  Irwin Corey Featured in The New York Press - By Jim Knipfel
Who Am the World’s Foremost Authority? A Lesson from Professor Irwin Corey
    "However..." the word that opens many of his routines, might just as well be used to describe Professor Irwin Corey’s entire life.

Few show business careers have lasted as long, or crossed such a wide spectrum, as Prof. Corey’s. He’s done vaudeville and Broadway, been on television and radio, in the movies and on record albums, appeared in smoke-filled nightclubs and at both the Lincoln and Kennedy Centers. And for the past six-plus decades, he’s been confusing people.

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  Irwin Performs At The Belzer Roast
    On Saturday night, June 9th, the Friars, in their first roast open to the public, roasted comedian/actor Richard Belzer who once said of the Professor that he was Belzer's idol. Held at Town Hall in New York City, the evening's proceeds went to benifit The Creative Coalition, entertainment's political and social activist organization. Among the night's guests were
Robert Kline, Ice-T, Bill Mahr, Fredy Roman, Jerry Stiller, Al Franken, Gilbert Gottfried, Jeffrey Ross, director Barry Levinson, Susie Essman, Paul Shaffer, Richard Belzer and Professor Irwin Corey, the world's foremost authority.

Corey closed the show because, in the words of Paul Shaffer, the roastmaster of the evening, "You are the hottest, the hippest, the funniest. Not very many people could do it. You can do it." And Corey did do it. And in what has become a trademark for many of his apprerances, Corey was carried off the stage in mid opus, a bit developed on the Steve Allan Show in the mid
fifties and one time involved that famous motion picture star Rin Tin Tin.

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