B4 Lenses on Super 35mm Cameras – 2021 User Guide

B4 lenses

So you want to shoot super 35mm with b4 lenses? You’ve come to the right place. What Are B4 Lenses? First off, b4 lenses are a special kind of lenses that “fit onto” the Arri 1.3x and Super 35mm sized digital cinema cameras such as the Arri Alexa and Red Epic/Scarlet. With these lenses, you …

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Canon Cine Primes CN-E Lenses – 2021 Review

If you are a cinematographer working with the Canon C100/C300/C500 cameras and in need of a good high-quality cinema zoom lens, just go ahead and purchase a set of their Canon CN-E lenses. We have been using them since they were released and we have never looked back. The CN-E primes have an incredibly smooth …

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Sony FS7 vs Canon C300 – 2021 Full Comparison

Sony FS7 vs Canon C300

If you want professional-grade video and sound, or if it’s crucial to be able to capture broadcast-standard 4K footage and edit it natively at full resolution with the widest selection of software, you need a good camera. Currently, we are talking about two direct competitors, the Canon C300 Mark II and the Sony FS7. Both …

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How to Light a Green Screen – 2021 Ultimate User Guide

how to light a green screen

Green screens are used in various industries today including photography, journalism, film, animation and more. What Is a Green Screen? A green screen is used to place one image or video behind another image or video. This can be done for several reasons including “green screening” images into a new background that wasn’t actually shot …

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Canon C300 Mark II – Complete Review 2021

The Canon C300 mark II is the latest addition to Canon’s Cinema EOS line of professional digital cinematography cameras. The Canon EOS C300 Mark II Cinema is a film camera intended for cinematography, documentaries, commercials and all kinds of events. Giving you the newest tech available and having some nifty upgrades that will make your …

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