Common Problems With LED Lighting & How To Fix Them

LED lights are pretty helpful because they offer suitable lighting. However, there are some issues with LED lighting, and we will discuss them in detail. By the end of this article, you will know the common problems with LED lighting & how to fix them. It is necessary to consume reliable information to save time …

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Canon Cine Primes CN-E Lenses – 2023 Review

If you are a cinematographer working with the Canon C100/C300/C500 cameras and in need of a good high-quality cinema zoom lens, just go ahead and purchase a set of their Canon CN-E lenses. We have been using them since they were released and we have never looked back. The CN-E primes have an incredibly smooth …

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How to Light a Green Screen – 2023 Ultimate User Guide

how to light a green screen

Green screens are used in various industries today including photography, journalism, film, animation and more. What Is a Green Screen? A green screen is used to place one image or video behind another image or video. This can be done for several reasons including “green screening” images into a new background that wasn’t actually shot …

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