13 Best Video Capture Device For Game/Professional Use 2022 – PC Windows 10

Best Video Capture Device For Game/Professional Use

When you make use of the best video capture device, the process of transferring your favorite video and audio files from any form of device or video source to your personal computer becomes easier.

The transferred files are stored on your computer hard drive, which allows easy access whenever you need to make use of these files or make necessary edits.

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Sony FS7 vs Canon C300 – 2022 Full Comparison

Sony FS7 vs Canon C300

If you want professional-grade video and sound, or if it’s crucial to be able to capture broadcast-standard 4K footage and edit it natively at full resolution with the widest selection of software, you need a good camera. Currently, we are talking about two direct competitors, the Canon C300 Mark II and the Sony FS7. Both …

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How to Light a Green Screen – 2022 Ultimate User Guide

how to light a green screen

Green screens are used in various industries today including photography, journalism, film, animation and more. What Is a Green Screen? A green screen is used to place one image or video behind another image or video. This can be done for several reasons including “green screening” images into a new background that wasn’t actually shot …

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